22. July 2022

Experience Talks 09.22

This time you can look forward to two interesting guests, a panel discussion and a great afternoon networking on 21.9.2022 in HubHub, ARA Palace, Prague 1.

Michal Mravináč has been with Salesforce for 5 years and is currently Head of Sales for the CEE region. He has been in international business for many years, having worked in both the UK and Canada. He is an expert in digital transformation in the B2B sphere and in the marketing technique of “growth hacking”, i.e. how to get as many users as possible in the shortest possible time in the online environment. He has a pioneering mindset, he came to Salesforce from a startup where he combined elements of virtual reality and global business, making him ahead of his time. He continues to be marginally involved in startups – as a business strategist and mentor.


Viktor Kosticky is a professional negotiator and lecturer in advanced business. He has worked on business topics ranging from strategic planning through acquisitions and audits to the implementation of behavioral selling practices in the sales departments of large companies. Companies hire him as a negotiator to deal with more complex business cases when the other party refuses to agree to the offered terms or even threatens to terminate the cooperation. Very often the reason for these escalated situations is a price increase that the other party does not want to accept. Viktor has a track record of successful negotiations on large contracts in the order of hundreds of thousands to millions of Euros. His heart issue in the field of leadership is the ego – how to work with the ego during the negotiation so that it does not unnecessarily harm and on the contrary helps.