6. February 2020

Qualtrics partner

Our company became the first partner of Qualtrics in the CEE region since 1.2.2020. Qualtrics is one of the leading global cloud companies. In 2018 it was acquired by SAP.

Qualtrics is a CXM (Customer Experience Management) platform that focuses on collecting, organizing and understanding the important customer and employee data. From now on, businesses can better understand what leads their customers to make decisions, what they want, what they adapt to, and where some improvements could be used. Qualtrics aims to help entrepreneurs further develop a customer-centric corporate culture with a focus on retention, loyalty, and overall customer satisfaction.

Qualtrics works by organizing and collecting important metrics about customer experience. From here, software users can better understand and act on any changes that need to be made. Qualtrics has 4 basic functions: CustomerXM, ProductXM, EmployeeXM and BrandXM, all with the primary goal of creating a model that depends on customer acceptance and customer satisfaction.