Our Story

What Led to the Founding of Anodius?

We live in a hectic time, which is loaded with an unlimited amount of information and events. Time in us and everywhere around us runs faster than we wish and need. It is increasingly difficult to pause, reflect on the truth and reevaluate the meaning of our being, the actual impact, and the meaning of our work.

This led us to think about how to harmonize the rhythm of the contemporary world with the rhythm of humanity and prosperity. The result was the Anodius project.

Roman Kučák, Managing Partner


What Are the Reasons for the Company’s Existence?

The first reason for the meaning of our existence is to help companies create more free time for meaningful things, bringing joy and a sense of daily fulfillment. How? Through innovative technology, we replace repetitive human activity and, in addition, deliver higher added value thanks to data intelligence. The people of the given company thus have more time for what is essential for their work and life.

The second reason for our existence is to help create a more positive society. By connecting companies with their customers intuitively, we reduce frictional surfaces. In this way, we prevent a lot of misunderstandings and negative emotions. The joy of positive human interaction is thus automatically transferred to personal relationships.

The third reason for the meaning of our existence is to connect people who identify with our values ​​and expect something more from life.

Miroslav Kupka, Managing Partner


What Does the Word “anodius” Mean?

Anodius comes from the Latin word “anodus”, meaning the way forward. Everyone needs to progress, develop and never let up in this effort.

Success means joy and fulfillment from what we do for ourselves, others, and society. The financial reward comes as a secondary effect, not a primary one. It confirms that what we do has meaning and value for the community and us.

Anodius’ slogan, “Experience Matters,” summarizes the above.

The cinnamon color symbolizes prosperity, brown symbolizes pragmatism and social responsibility, and white means authenticity and innovation.

Stanislav Micheller, Partner – SAP Services



Our vision is to connect the right people with intelligently chosen technology supported by a culture of openness

We provide authentic CRM solutions for our clients that improve the functionality of products and services and evoke wonderful emotions that clients want to repeat repeatedly. And we enjoy that.

With CRM technologies, we connect the customer and employee world into one universal space in which everything makes sense.

Lukáš Endal, Partner – Salesforce Services

Why us?

Experience Matters


We provide our services with respect, joy and passion.


Thanks to our constant improvement, you always have the most innovative product on the market from us.


Our care vs. price makes us unique in the world of IT business.


The quality of our services does not depend on the individual.