27. May 2021

Salesforce Customer 360 – A Single Source of Truth

Are you someone that has your data stored in different programs? Do you have some trouble finding what you’re looking for? You’re in luck because Salesforce Customer 360 can hold all of your information in one place. This program will connect all information from your sales, marketing, commerce, and service to create one Salesforce ID. 

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Salesforce Customer 360 - A Single Source of Truth

Customer 360 Identity 

In this identity feature, you will build a view that is made for the customer. This allows you to engage all users every time they log in digitally. Not only is this free advertising, but they get a smooth login experience. 

If you’ve ever tried to log into a website, it is convenient to choose the log-in with social media option. You won’t have to remember another username and password. 

When you connect multiple apps with a single identity, you’re giving your user the freedom to transfer over their information. For example, your user can transfer their Facebook photo to Salesforce. 

Companies that offer a consulting service take away the pressure to learn everything about Salesforce. Most of the time they hold a salesforce certification. If you hire a professional, they can assist in managing your data. 

Customer 360 Data Manager 

Through this feature, you’re able to access your data like never before. You won’t have to go searching through lists of reports to find your customer. Salesforce gives each member their very own ID, so you can search and find them right away. 

Not only do you get to assist your customers faster, but you can pull up all of their features, apps, and needs with one click. You’re also able to pull multiple reports depending on what they’re looking for. 

If your customer is new to Salesforce, you can assist them through one-on-one communications and by recommending a salesforce trailhead. Trailheads are informative videos that explain how to perform different tasks. 

Many times a company will want to use a couple of Salesforce options. They could use the journey builder but also want to use the marketing cloud for communications. This is where Salesforce Customer 360 goes above and beyond. 

If they’re not sure which app holds a particular report, there is no need to worry. This report can be searched throughout the whole program. This is the beauty of Customer 360. 

Salesforce CDP

When you build your customer data platform (CDP), there are so many options to add; it can be easy to become confused. When working with the CDP, you have backed professionals to help you through the process. 

For example, in the beginning, you’re building a standard customer profile that makes up the majority of the customers you serve. This is helpful because you can recognize features in the real customers as opposed to the fake profile you’re building. 

Anything can happen when it comes to working with customers. Customers can back out of contracts, but you’ll be prepared if this happens. The journey is fully equipped to help you make decisions no matter what your client decides. 

There is no cap to testing. You can build numerous client profiles to see how they would be affected by your strategy. You can personalize this messaging, so you’re starting important one-on-one conversations. 

You can use Einstein (Salesforce’s artificial intelligence) to make recommendations and analyze your data. He can work closely on improving your activation efforts. 

Salesforce Customer 360

The way we engage customers and clients is ever-changing. You can stay ahead of the game by diving deeper into Salesforce Customer 360. Not only will your customer profiles be engaged, but you’ll also be able to see how they react to all types of outreach. 

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Lukas Endal, Partner – Salesforce Services